Nissan to transform customer experience

Nissan Europe has launched the company’s new comprehensive strategy to transform the customer ownership experience through innovative technology and enhanced services.

Nissan forecasts that the new ‘hyper-personalisation’ services will increasingly drive growth in Nissan’s aftersales business, anticipated to contribute 30% of aftersales revenue in Europe by 2022.

‘Nissan Europe has a comprehensive long-term vision to develop more advanced technologies and services that offer our customers greater choice and personalisation than ever before, building on our existing investments in this space,’ said Vincent Wijnen, Nissan Europe’s vice president for aftersales, customer quality and training. ‘We are committed to evolving and transforming car design and manufacturing, by offering a new level of sophistication and customisation in line with the lifestyles and aspirations of today’s customers. The ultimate goal is hyper-personalisation and greater control.’

A key element of this strategy is to develop connectivity for all customers, including those in emerging markets. Connected devices will be available as a dealer option starting in Japan and India, and expanding to other markets.

Nissan is also developing solutions to offer existing customers connectivity as an aftersales option. Multiple new technologies will be offered to customers who already own vehicles that were not manufactured as connected cars, enabling owners to benefit from connected services.