Parisian seal of approval

The TX eCity has been approved by Parisian authorities and will legally be able to be used as a working taxi in the city.

This news comes many months ahead of the vehicle’s intended launch into Paris and underlines the ongoing international interest in LEVC’s flagship commercial vehicle.

With almost 600 TX cabs on the streets of London, the vehicle is already contributing to the capital’s air quality. Added to this, drivers are reporting fuel savings of more than £100 a week. Similar benefits would be expected to be replicated in Paris.

The Paris launch is currently tabled for the first half of 2019, with a launch date to be confirmed once negotiations with the favoured importer have been completed. This means that Paris will soon join Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg and Oslo in seeing this electric taxi on its streets.

Under mayor Hidalgo, Paris has taken an aggressive stance towards conventional petrol and diesel vehicles with pre-2005 diesel vehicles to be banned next year, and all diesel vehicles to be banned by 2024. These changes will have a significant impact on Paris’ 20,000 taxis, and LEVC believes it has a cost-effective solution for the city’s cabbies.

Chris Gubbey, CEO of LEVC, said, ‘Given the air pollution difficulties facing French cities, we are very much looking forward to giving both drivers and passengers new options in Paris following a very positive reception on the streets. This truly bolsters our European position and we look forward to serving the cities of France alongside those in Norway, the Netherlands and Germany.’