Partnership between Generali and Fiat

Generali Country Italia and the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Group have signed a letter of intent, the first step in a business and technological partnership.

The new partnership will develop innovative products and services for the automotive and connected vehicles sectors and offer them to the insurance market.

The partnership will use technological and telematic systems to guarantee customers a personalised experience by combining insurance solutions and innovative services, such as Real Time Coaching; a ‘black box’ which issues real time alerts of different behaviours at the wheel to prevent potential dangers, or driving dynamics monitoring with the aid of specific algorithms to enable customers to share information on their driving style.

The partnership will develop new solutions in various contexts and includes: offering of Genertel usage-based insurance policies for connected FCA range models and other forms of usage-based insurance coverage, the possibility for Generali Italia agencies to offer long-term rental packages for FCA vehicles by Leasys, and more.

Pietro Gorlier, chief operating officer FCA for the EMEA region and global fead of Mopar said, ‘This partnership aims to develop new solutions while always guaranteeing the customer the best use and ownership experience of our FCA models, thanks to state-of-the-art connectivity technology systems. This agreement proves the excellence of the FCA and Generali products, in a ‘made in Italy’ partnership that marks a major milestone in the continual drive towards safety and innovation, but also a new step towards the mobility of the future.’