Peter Chen, refinish product manager, Axalta

Peter has worked in the coatings industry for more than 20 years. He joined Axalta Refinish in 2011, starting in sales and later becoming a product manager. He heads up the Axalta Waterborne project, responsible for promoting this environmentally friendly WB product. Peter is very familiar with WB-related regulations, production standards and applications.

陈宇先生在涂料行业从业将近20年,从2011年加入艾仕得汽车修补漆部门并从事相关的销售、产品等工作。 做为艾仕得修补漆水性漆项目负责人,陈宇先生积极推动汽车修补漆的水性化转换。 熟悉汽车修补漆的法律法规、行业标准,及产品、施工应用等。