Pilots of the Caribbean

RWC Training has announced that its ground-breaking training partnership with the St Lucia government is moving to the next level.

Having been contracted 18 months ago to carry out EV training to government-owned garages, it has now been tasked to deliver the service to first responders.

RWC founder Rob Ward said: “We are proud to hold International IMI Approval to deliver EV qualifications overseas, and our contract with the St Lucia government will continue in 2021. We’ve been carrying out training in service centres so far, and next we will deliver the same expertise to bodyshops. The next phase will be first responders and we’re going out there to deliver hazard management electric vehicle training for their emergency services.

“I have to say working with the St Lucia authorities has been a wonderful experience. They held opening and closing ceremonies around our visits, every day we were visited by schools and colleges, and the work we’ve been doing has even made the television news. They really value the skills we are imparting and it’s only a pleasure to help the government in its move to low energy usage.”