3D-printed collision tool launched at IBIS Global Summit

4Plastic unveiled Bumper Push, a revolutionary 3D-printed hand tool for plastic repairs in the collision industry, at the IBIS Global Summit in Milan at the end of June.

Printed using HP’s industrial 3D printing technology, Bumper Push is designed to be used for repairs on damaged plastic parts such as bumper covers.

Created by 4Plastic with the support of ADAC Digital Manufacturing, the hand tool is used to push and manipulate plastic damage back into shape while softening the plastic part with heat. The application was manufactured using HP’s industrial Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology.

IBIS Worldwide CEO Jason Moseley said: “What an exciting development for the industry to witness such evolution using new technologies and materials to assist and advance segments of collision repair such as plastic repair. IBIS is proud to be able to provide a launch pad to the global collision network for new innovations such as the bumper push tool by 4Plastic. I was also honoured to receive the first 3D-printed Bumper Push IBIS 001 as a memento of the occasion from 4Plastic and the support partners.”

Bumper Push represents a significant leap forward in collision repair technology, offering a revolutionary solution for plastic repair processes. This hand tool has been meticulously engineered to maximise pressure points and impact on plastic during the repair process, taking inspiration from the design lines and shaping of an airline jet. Its ergonomic design includes various finger-pressure points for pushing, a chisel, and a round top end, tailored to the specific type of impact being repaired. Bumper Push comes in two different sizes to ensure optimal grip for technicians. Customers also have the option to have their own branded range with individual identifiers on the tool.

Michael LoPrete from 4Plastic added: “4Plastic is honoured and grateful for the opportunity to introduce such an innovative tool to the global collision family at the IBIS Global Summit. We are proud to collaborate with ADAC and HP in developing Bumper Push. We bring our expertise in plastic repair solutions and combine it with HP’s cutting-edge 3D printing technology as well as the additive manufacturing discipline of ADAC Digital Manufacturing. Working together we have made history, and using 3D printing we have created a tool that will bring so much value to collision technicians during the plastic repair process.”

Because of the nature of 3D printing, the tool can be manufactured anywhere in the world, significantly reducing shipping costs and logistics compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

Repairing damaged plastic components in the automotive industry has traditionally been time-consuming and costly, often requiring the replacement of the part. Technicians have creatively relied upon makeshift homemade tools consisting of items such as screwdriver ends, broom handles, and other non-effective tools that don’t meet today’s plastic part formation.

“We are thrilled to partner with 4Plastic and HP to introduce Bumper Push to the collision repair industry,” said Jonathon Husby, CEO of ADAC Automotive. “This innovative hand tool represents a significant advancement in product engineering and 3D printing technology. The team at ADAC is proud to be able to give life to such an innovative design tool for the collision industry, which was only enabled due to our advancements in 3D printing and product engineering at ADAC.

The 3D printing process minimises waste by using only the necessary amount of material, and the tool itself can be recycled at the end of its lifecycle. Furthermore, for every bumper bar repaired using the Bumper Push tool, an average of six pounds of plastic waste is diverted from landfills. This is vital as the automotive aftermarket is the number two generator of polypropylene waste in the world.

Greg Elfering, head of Americas Go-to-Market, HP Personalisation and 3D Printing, said: “The automotive industry continues to highlight the benefits enabled by 3D printing, from design freedom to more sustainable production to anytime, anywhere manufacturing. Together, 4Plastic with the support of companies such as ADAC, are leading the way and demonstrating the massive opportunity 3D printing can bring to the collision industry. Leveraging the capabilities of HP’s 3D printing solutions to develop breakthrough applications like the Bumper Push is an important step forward.”

As 3D printing technology evolves, signs are that the industry will see many more new innovations in repair hand tools, jigs and parts using 3D printing in the collision repair space.

Bumper Push was one of a completely new range of plastic repair products 4Plastic launched at the IBIS Global Summit in Milan, fitting into the space as the only specialty collision, plastic repair products, and tools providers in the industry focusing on the growing demands to repair more plastic in a safe, cost-effective and productive manner.

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