Quality key to lifelong customer

Trevor Lee, group body and paint business manager for VW Group Ireland, told IBIS Ireland 2016 delegates how crucial it was to follow manufacturer repair guidelines.

In his session, ‘An OEM market approach’ Trevor explored how VW Group Ireland approaches the collision repair industry with a resolute focus on quality – a bedrock of its approach to ‘lifelong customers’.

Trevor highlighted how VW’s Irish data shows that 10% of vehicles per annum undergo collision damage repair, of which 84% are repaired without reference to VM guidelines and up to 40% are repaired using independent aftermarket parts.

With this, Trevor focused on various initiatives within VW Group to counter the findings. He specifically referenced Project Fair Repair and the Parts Comparison Project, an exclusive insight for IBIS attendees, created to encourage VW approved methodology and parts usage. A crash test video highlighted the stark difference between an appropriate and inappropriate repair – the inappropriate repair changing Euro NCAP ratings for the five-star Golf VII to a zero rating.

‘We currently have 18 approved repair centres in Ireland. We need to be involved in the collision market to raise awareness and drive our brand vehicles through these centres and ensure the correct methodology is employed when our vehicles require repair,’ explained Trevor.

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