Range and price remain EV sticking points

Range and price remain the sticking point for most drivers considering switching to electric vehicles (EVs), according to research carried out by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

It found that 55% of the 1,050 households surveyed cited price as prohibitive, with 56% saying they will only consider an electric car with a range of 300 miles per charge.

However, there was plenty of encouragement for EV manufacturers, with 20% of respondents saying they would consider or expect their next purchase to be a plug in. Meanwhile, 52% thought hybrid EVs were at least as good as traditional gas car and 45% said the same about pure EVs.

Nearly half (48%) were able to name a specific model and 49% said they had seen plug-ins in parking lots.

More significantly, 51% said they’d be prepared to pay incremental costs for plug-in EVs and 53% said they cold park their vehicles near electrical outlets at home.