Renault and ADA launch Moov’in

According to Future Car, Renault is to launch an all-electric carshare service in France called Moov’in.

Moov’in will begin its service with a 100% electric fleet of 100 Zoe and 20 Twizy cars.

Renault and ADA, a French rental car company, have partnered to launch the car sharing scheme. ADA will maintain the app, which will allow customers to reserve and find a vehicle, along with loading and transporting the cars. While Renault will be responsible for providing, servicing and repairing the vehicles.

Christophe Plonevez, CEO of the ADA Group, said, ‘Mobility issues have never been so important, and cars are still viewed as essential for people living in the Paris region. Taking an innovative approach, ADA has developed an app for self-service connected vehicles. As part of our cooperation with Renault, we have been able to quickly develop a very short-term car-sharing solution operating alongside our medium-term service, for rentals from half a day to one month.’

The scheme is set to launch a test phase in Paris and Clichy by September 2018. If its successful, the service will be available more widely by the beginning of 2019.