Renault appoints new chairman and CEO

Following the resignation of Carlos Ghosn, Renault’s board of directors met on 24 January under the chairmanship of Philippe Lagayette, lead independent director.

The board has decided to provide Renault with a new governance structure and, on this occasion, to institute a separation of the functions of chairman of the board and chief executive officer.

Jean-Dominique Senard has been named chairman, while Thierry Bolloré has been appointed as CEO.

In addition to all the functions normally performed by the chairman of the board, the new chairman will have to evaluate and, if necessary, change Renault’s governance in order to ensure the transition to the new structure. He will present his proposals on the evolution of governance to the board before the next general shareholders’ meeting.

In addition, Renault’s board wishes to supervise actively the functioning of the Alliance and decides to give its chairman full responsibility for managing the Alliance on behalf of Renault, in liaison with the CEO.

In this capacity, the chairman of Renault’s board will be the main contact person for the Japanese partner and the other Alliance partners for any discussion on the Alliance’s organisation and evolution. He will propose to the board any new Alliance agreement that he considers useful for Renault’s future. He will be Renault’s main representative in the Alliance’s management bodies and at Nissan when Renault has the right of proposal.

The CEO will coordinate for the company the Alliance’s activities in the operational field under the authority of the chairman.

The board expresses its confidence in the new leadership and wishes it every success in its mission.