Safer cars for India

In the latest development in the Safer Cars for India campaign, Global NCAP announces the launch of the ‘Safer Choice’ Award today at the Delhi motor show.

The ‘Safer Choice’ Award will be presented to automakers achieving the highest levels of safety performance for cars sold in India.

In January 2014 the first ever independent crash test results for cars sold in India were released by Global NCAP at a conference in Delhi hosted by the Institute for Road Traffic Education (IRTE). Global NCAP has now completed twenty-five safety assessments which have acted as an important catalyst in the safety improvement of Indian cars.

Global NCAP recognises that some manufacturers have responded to the call for zero star cars to be driven off India’s roads. Three models tested have reached four star status and others have seen significant safety enhancements from an initially unacceptable zero star performance.

David Ward Global NCAP secretary general said, ‘Launching our ‘Safer Choice’ Award is an important new development in our Safer Cars for India campaign. We very much look forward to the first automaker in India to achieve the accolade of five star ‘Safer Choice’ performance.’

Max Mosley, president Emeritus, ‘It is very pleasing to see the significant progress in vehicle safety in India since Global NCAP launched its first crash test results in Delhi in 2014. We have also seen a very welcome road safety commitment from the Government of Prime Minister Modi and Minister Gadkari, which resulted in new crash test regulations introduced from October 2017.’