Sean Carey joins the IBIS steering group

Sean Carey, president of SCG Management Consultants LLC has joined the IBIS USA 2019 steering group.

With over 30 years’ experience in the automotive industry and as a notable speaker in various industry conferences, the IBIS group is positive that Sean will bring a wealth of notable knowledge to the steering group.

In the words of the new board member, Sean is, ‘thrilled that IBIS has made the decision to bring the symposium to the USA in February. Having worked closely with the IBIS team on the global summit for the past few years, it’s clear that there is a greater number of North American attendees and interest each year.’

Sean continued, ‘I have been asked on numerous occasions if IBIS was going to come to the USA and now it’s becoming a reality.  I think the idea of bringing together industry leaders as part of the steering group is a great move by IBIS as it will ensure that the venue, content and value of IBIS USA is the very best.’

The IBIS team is very excited that the USA event is continuing to take shape and as Sean stated, ‘I am often asked by my clients and colleagues here in North America what’s so special about IBIS and I’m looking forward to showing them just what the buzz around IBIS is all about.’

Further details of the event will be announced in the coming weeks in our social media channels and website so stay tuned. In the meantime, to find out more please contact Poppy Allard; email [email protected]