Solera | Audatex profile

In 2006, Audatex joined the Solera portfolio as part of the vision to build a platform that engages all the touchpoints around a vehicle, known currently as Solera 54. Our portfolio of companies is transforming every touchpoint of the vehicle lifecycle into a connected digital experience in order to bring transparency across the supply chain, the vehicle and the driver.

The Solera|Audatex claim journey is a departure from the traditional processes where 80% is manual work and 20% is software; we’ve reversed this equation to produce 80% automated technology and 20% manual work, creating more accuracy in less time. We introduced automation to a time-consuming, paper-laden process, enabling our partners to introduce efficiency into their own business models and capitalize on that time and money saved to help drive satisfaction for our customers’ customers.

Today’s tools are only as good as the data that drives them. We build our solutions on the industry’s most comprehensive data, collected, codified and standardized through our Data Development Centers across the world. These data centers are constantly refining data that feeds into our solutions so industry partners, insurers and collision shops, have the most accurate, up-to-date information that covers the entire claim journey, whether they specialize in light, medium or heavy-duty vehicles.

Our data is backed by our relationship and ownership with the CESVI (Center of Experiential and Road Safety) network to continually research and validate our data to ensure its accuracy and efficiency based on OEM guidelines.

Further data optimization will allow us to develop more detailed and user-friendly applications, research vehicle connectivity and safety opportunities and execute a comprehensive strategy for the digital age. We’re not just in the conversation—we’re driving it.