Spain gets the electric treatment

In conjunction with CEPSA, IONITY has launched its first high-power charging station in Spain. Located in Pallejá (Barcelona), the new site is equipped with four high power charging points each with a capacity of 350 kW. These chargers are compatible with the European standard Combined Charging System (CCS) and reduce charging times for current and future EVs significantly.

Offering 1,2 Mega Watt of power for the four high power chargers, the IONITY station is among the fastest in Spain. IONITY has prepared the station for two additional high-power chargers that can be added depending on the demand. CEPSA will supply 100% renewable energy to these facilities.

This first station in Spain is the latest chapter in the expansion of IONITY’s pan-European charging network. The objective is to make long distance EV travel a reality. Pallejá is also one of 340 ultra-fast charging stations being deployed within the Europe-E project, covering main routes across 13 EU member states and along all nine TEN-T Core Network Corridors and the Core Network.