Steve Kessell, National Director at Collision Repairers Association

My experience in Autobody Repair is varied and spans at least the last twenty five years.

Initially I concentrated on the area of management consulting with an emphasis on IT facilities and software systems implementation and support for internal operating systems design methodology linked to efficiency and productivity to maximise on sustainable profit margins to an array of independently owned motor body repairers businesses.

This led to offer an offer from a large and growing group to join their permanent staff and grow with them. During my ten years in the group I studied and was involved with in depth understanding of all facets of motor vehicle autobody repair from estimating through deciding on repair versus parts strategy, Panelbeating, preparation and painting to assembly and quality control and gained invaluable insight into operating efficiency and effectiveness.

I was also employed at other Motor Body Repairers to run the front office from estimating and customer relations perspective to general manager positions before being offered the opportunity to run CRA firstly as back office operations and then as National Director.

I have always had a passion for motor vehicles and am now entrenched in this industry to ensure the success of growing and maintaining this valuable market segment. The aim is synergy and collaboration binding the skills of both work provider to the qualified artisan whom may not necessarily be the person to show business acumen but advise on sustainable and continued business operation.

I support the CRA strategy of safety through standards and thus intricately involved in skills development programs, update and validity of qualification curriculums and the effect of changes in technology and their impact on repair scope and process in current repair methods.

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