Suncorp looks to augmented reality

Suncorp has revealed it is exploring image recognition and augmented reality-based enhancements for its insurance claims process, adding to the AI systems it deployed last year.

The insurer began testing IBM Watson software last June to automatically determine who is at fault in a vehicle accident.

The AI software has since been integrated into the digital claims process at the company’s AAMI, GIO, APIA, Bingle and Suncorp insurance brands.

It compares data input by the customer against 15,000 anonymised claim files, and potentially allows a repairer to be assigned more quickly than if a human was to determine liability.

The company commented, ‘We are working on increasing our use of emerging technologies to assist with the insurance claim process, such as using image recognition to assess type and extent of damage. Augmented reality would enable an off-site claims assessor to discuss and assess damage, speech recognition, and obtaining telematic data from increasingly automated vehicles’.