Symach new Alphabet technology partner

The participation of Symach at the 9th edition of the Convention Alphabet was the occasion for the officialization of the news that Symach is a technology partner for Alphabet Italia.

Alphabet Italia Fleet Management SpA in its customer service quality improvement program has chosen Symach as a technology partner to support its Alphabet Point collision shop network in achieving quality objectives in repair, production efficiency and speed of delivery to the customer.

Symach will make available to Alphabet’s network its own technological know-how and its own organization for the study of customized solutions for the design of new collision repair shops and the upgrade of existing ones, including consultancy and training on Symach repair processes.

Osvaldo Bergaglio, Symach founder and president said, ‘Alphabet is an excellent partner with whom we share the objectives to be achieved in terms of quality, efficiency and speed that are the foundation of Symach philosophy and process. The process, the layout and the technology of Symach can allow the collision shops of the Alphabet Point network to easily obtain the results that Alphabet expects, because while maintaining the already high quality of the service they want to be more competitive in the offer of rental cars on the Italian territory.’