Tesla creates service Model S

Reports suggest Tesla has developed a new custom Model S for its mobile service fleet to improve its coverage as its customer fleet expands.

The news comes following German based mobile tooling company, Sortimo showing one of the modified Tesla Model S vehicles at the recent Work Truck Show 2018 in Indianapolis.

The new Model S service vehicle follows comments made last year by Jon McNeill, Tesla’s former president of global sales and services, who announced new mobile service vehicles were coming.

Tesla has operated ICE mobile service vans but Jon previously commented, ‘We didn’t think that it was very cool to show up to fix an electric vehicle with a combustion engine van. It really bugged us. Some really savvy technicians on our team figured out how to retrofit Model X to fit all the tooling and parts needed to do service.’

Tesla claims its current ICE service vans can fix over 80% of the issues on Tesla’s vehicles.