Tesla opens own bodyshops

According to electrek, Tesla have planned to open its own ‘Tesla bodyshops’ after Tesla owners complained of experiencing excessive wait times after being in accidents.

CEO Elon Musk said, during a shareholder meeting, that Tesla will soon open the first of its bodyshops and could possible offer same day repairs. He added that the first stores will open in the top ten metro areas in less than a month.

Elon hopes that the new bodyshops will reduce the cost and time for repairs. Customers have been reporting the issue of excessive wait times for a substantial amount of time, some claiming that repairs have taken months to complete.

Third-party bodyshops place the blame on Tesla, stating the wait times are due to delay of parts, where Tesla states the fault lies with the bodyshops.

In 2017, Tesla shifted some of its training programs online and attempted to certify more equipment to give more options to shops. The company stated that it would be creating an additional 300 bodyshops to the network.

Regardless of the changes, Tesla customers continue to report long wait times with the bodyshops. In response, Tesla is attempting to address the issue with its own bodyshops which will pre-stock some parts to help reduce repair times.