The ‘wow’ effect within claims

Laurent Decelle, director of networks and partnerships for Covea Insurance and president of research organisation CESVI France, addressed delegates at IBIS ME 2018 about the opportunities of using technology within the claims process.

Covea has more than 11.5 million polices in France, handling in excess of 14 million cars. Its target is to remain a leader in service quality, reduce loss amounts and to manage costs. To enhance its seamless business its developed its own roadside business and repair network partners.

Laurent said, ‘Our strategy comprises six things: define a single claims process for the group, manage and control our repair programme across 4,200 bodyshops, monitor our key performance indicators, ensure we have the best skills and latest methods within our network, innovate the latest technologies, and promote partnerships.’

He explained that within France the average motor premium is US$450 while the average repair cost is $1,400. How that might change in the future is one of the things that CESVI is researching now.

Laurent said, ‘The future of cars is changing with the introduction of autonomous cars, so we have to find out where the liability rests in the event of a collision – with the driver or the manufacturer. It’s very important not to set premiums too high or too low.’

Its research is based on predictive repair cost indictor discussions with car manufacturers from around the world.

Another thing that’s changing is the customer. Laurent said, ‘The customer wants instant gratification and it wants us to be available 24/7. We’re in an information age. They want communication at a higher level. There has been in shift in customer relations, and this is one way to deliver the wow effect.’

He quoted a report from J.D. Power finding that the greatest opportunity to improve customer satisfaction within the claims process is to keep them informed at every stage of the repair, in a way that’s convenient to them. But despite that, customer satisfaction within claims regularly has the lowest rating of all elements evaluated by consumers.

Laurent believes Covea’s automatic bodyshop estimation solution, which is innovative, automatic and transparent, goes a long way to addressing that. Covisioto has been designed with the customer in mind. It puts their needs first and then works backwards. Used exclusively by premium network partners, it enables status and pictures to be displayed on the customer’s smartphone throughout the repair process, offering the customer an option to rate the repairer at the end of the process.

Facebook integrated, Covisioto allows the customer to follow the journey of their repair all day, every day. Laurent says that already the results they’ve found from this system are a reduction of repair times by 30%, savings of about $50 per repair, improved customer satisfaction, and better working relationships with the network.

On top of that, Covisioto results in live CSI scores, reduced status calls, and improved workflow through the network.

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