To Infiniti and beyond

Infiniti had a record-breaking year in 2015 with global sales of 215,250 vehicles, up 16% from the previous year.

Overall, Infiniti achieved all-time high results in all of its four global regions – the Americas (US, Canada, Mexico, Latin America), EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), China, and A&O (Asia and Oceania) – and in many individual markets.

December 2015 was the best ever month in Infiniti’s history with more than 23,100 vehicles sold, representing a 17% increase compared to December a year ago. Infiniti has now had 16 consecutive months of year-on-year growth.

‘Infiniti had a record year in 2015,’ said Roland Krueger, president of Infiniti Motor Company. ‘The excellent sales results are due to a strong product line-up, superior customer service, and our committed dealer network. I’d like to thank all of our customers around the world who have made Infiniti their trusted purchase, as well as our retail partners for delivering outstanding customer service.’

In the Americas, Infiniti sold a total of 147,600 vehicles in 2015, growing by 14%. The US continues to be the largest market for Infiniti globally, with 14% growth and 133,500 vehicles sold in 2015. The year 2015 was also a record year for Infiniti in Canada, Mexico and Latin America.

In China, Infiniti’s second largest market, the company had another record year. In 2015, Infiniti sold 40,200 vehicles, an increase of 34% over 2014.

In Western Europe, Infiniti sold an all-time high 7,000 vehicles in 2015, an increase of 45% from 2014. In France, 1,219 customers have bought a new Infiniti in 2015, a rise of 70.1% compared to 2014. In the UK, Infiniti sales went up by 60.2% to 1,195 cars in 2015 and in Germany by four per cent to 1057. With 403 vehicles delivered in 2015, Italy has more than doubled sales versus the previous year. In the Middle East, more than 8,300 Infiniti vehicles were sold in 2015, up 18% from 2014, making Infiniti one of the fastest growing brands in the region.

In the A&O region (Australia, Korea, Taiwan and other markets), Infiniti sold 5,700 vehicles in 2015, an increase of 22% over 2014.

On an individual model level, Q50 continues to be Infiniti’s top-selling vehicle. The 2015 volume of 78,800 sales (Q50 and Q50L combined) represents an increase of 44%, followed by QX60 (54,800) and QX80 (19,300). All of these models achieved records for a full year.

‘Last year was excellent for Infiniti as we achieved a series of milestones. All teams in the markets did an outstanding job,’ said Roland Krueger. ‘We will build on these achievements as we start 2016 and continue our path of transforming Infiniti into a global tier one premium automotive brand.’