Uber to appeal London ban

Uber is expected to appeal Transport for London’s (TfL) ban on its services in the next few days.

The company had hoped to avoid legal action with a high-level meeting with TfL executives last week, but while it described the meeting as ‘constructive’ it was always unlikely that all issues would be resolved before Friday, 14 October, the deadline for Uber to stop trading unless it appeals the ban.

TfL also said the meeting had gone well and praised Uber chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi for his humility.

Uber is in the process of replacing many of its senior management, including Jo Bertram, who is head of northern Europe affairs. It has admitted it made mistakes after TfL said it was not ‘fit and proper’ to operate in London.

However, the decision by London mayor Sadiq Khan not to renew its license was described as ‘disproportionate’ by PM Therasa May, while more than 822,000 have already signed a petition calling for TfL to renew its license.