UBM onboard IBIS USA steering group

Krista McNamara, content channel director of UBM Americas, has joined the IBIS USA 2019 steering group where she will bring her knowledge of the global collision repair industry to the US.

Krista commented that ‘the strength of IBIS lies in bringing together the global collision repair industry to share best practices, tackle challenges and offer differing solutions to obstacles faced across a myriad of markets and economies.’

Furthermore, Krista believes that ‘bringing the event to the United States is a great way to continue the realization of industry partnerships and knowledge sharing, the core strength and success of IBIS, within the global collision market.’

The IBIS team is proud to have Krista onboard driving the continued success of the IBIS platform and guiding them into new trends and opportunities. IBIS USA, a World of Opportunity, will be held in California next February 2019.

Further details of the event will be announced in the coming weeks so stay tuned. In the meantime, to find out more please contact Poppy Allard; email [email protected]