VeriFacts profile

VeriFacts is the only Independent Third Party Verifier of Excellence in Collision Repair. VeriFacts only endorses one thing: Collision Repair Facilities that have proven and maintain a high level of quality. Independence means that no amount of money can buy an endorsement. Only a demonstrated ability to perform high quality repairs will earn a facility a VQ or VQ Medallion endorsement.

VeriFacts was started in 2002 when an audit of thousands of bad repairs uncovered habitual problems. Today, VeriFacts Automotive is the recognized industry expert in superior quality management, sustainability and innovation. As the industry’s only independent, third-party quality verification service, we offer expert oversight, analysis, coaching, education, and technology designed to ensure consistent excellence in all collision repair outcomes.

Included in the VeriFacts monthly coaching subscription:

  • One unannounced visit per month
  • Toll free technician support line
  • The VeriFacts Topic of the Month
  • One whole shop clinic per year
  • Monthly quality management reports and benchmarking against other shops in the state and nation