VW records best half year

The Volkswagen Group recorded the best ever first half year in its history, delivering 5.5 million vehicles to customers.

Deliveries in June grew 4.1 per cent to 958,600 new vehicles. ‘This was the best-ever first half year in our company’s history. Group deliveries increased significantly in all core regions. Our core brands recorded strong growth in the first half year’, Fred Kappler, head of group sales at Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, said. ‘We expect deliveries in the second half of 2018 to be affected by the introduction of the new WLTP standard. Some vehicles will probably be handed over to customers later than planned.’

VW continued on its growth path in Europe in June: 456,800 new vehicles were delivered to customers – an increase of 11% compared with the previous year. VW has delivered over 2.4 million new vehicles (+6.5 percent) to customers in Europe since the beginning of the year.

Deliveries in the North America region remained stable in the first half year: 465,000 new vehicles were handed over to customers there from January to June (+0.8 percent), of which 311,900 (+6.3 percent) were delivered in the U.S. market. VW handed over 48,700 vehicles (+11.3%) to customers in South America in June, of which 33,300 were delivered in Brazil (+29.6%). The region recorded 13.1% growth in the first half year.

Deliveries in the Asia-Pacific region grew to over 2.1 million in the first six months (+8.9 percent). 342,900 vehicles were handed over in June (-1.2 percent).